About My Work

From my school life I have some inclination in instrumentation. After my M.Sc in Physics in the year 1993 from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, I have completed my Ph.D in the field of low temperature instrumentation and low temperature characterization of opto-materials. After joining in teaching profession on this university, recently I am doing my research work in the field of organic solar cells and renewable energy sources. Harvesting solar energy by using polymeric materials has tremendous potential in near future. Research projects funded by different funding agencies like DST, UGC, DRDO, CSIR have been carried out. Organic electronics, polymer electronics, flexible electronics will take its place in course of time. Charge transport mechanism in these disorder solid is different from its inorganic counter part. Our theoretical model may be applied to fit some experimental data of these system. In our laboratory there are some facilities to fabricate and characterise the organic solar cell, low temperature characterization of opto-devices. Research activities in this area are provided in , R&D section . A good number of students have also done their Ph.D. Different researchers, students in this field may find these works interesting.

As mentioned I have some interest in instrumentation and I have also designed more than 200 circuits. Before my joining in the university job, I had little curiosity to set up one business related to this field. In connection with purchasing, repairing, designing of the instruments, I have some interaction with different business persons and consultants. After joining in the University job, there is not much scope and also requirement for me to go further in this direction. During my teaching and research in this field, apart from my students, I interact people and become aware of different problems of our society. I find there are sufficient scopes and possibilities in the field of instrumentation to address some issues like unemployment, illiteracy etc. Apart from our regular course structure a little care is needed to cultivate the practice of instrumentation. Technical education, its adaptation and adjustment with its impact on human values and culture is important for the development of any society. In University atmosphere it is not always possible to explore different possibilities of this field. I believe that whatever we do, attention must be paid in developing instrumentation of our own way. Personally I try to encourage those who are doing research, consultancy, business or related work in this field. To contribute something in the this direction I had set up a small society. The main activity of the centre is to provide some exposure to the needy students and to develop a general awareness of this field. We try to discuss separately the importance of instrumentation suitable for the academic people, business persons, policy makers and also for the general people. I try to give some talk, prepare some write ups, arrange some demonstrations for this centre as a part of the awareness programme in this field. To encourage the young students we discuss in three different stages. We discuss in three steps namely know your technical world, know the major invention with their inventors and do some thing by yourself. These activities are highlighted in section mentioned as service to the society and also in the consultancy work. Different unemployed or business people may be interested in this work.

Apart from these I have a little hobby to read some books. And some time I also try to write a bit on different topic like science, philosophy etc. To simplify the scientific understanding is meaningful and useful. In the section mentioned as 'other write ups' these activities will be mentioned. People from different sectors may enjoy and spend some time on these write ups, irrespective of the profession.

My works are mentioned in the next section.