Idea of the Consultancy Work

There is a possibility to do some work in this direction to get a complete exposure for practical use of electronics and instrumentation. Interested persons may think to initiate some works which has some potential. One group may be formed to provide different suggestions and solutions of different problems related to technical education in our country in general. Scientist, researchers, manufacturer of instruments, business people, accountants, lawyers and other respectable person from different professions may be associated with such group.

The vision is to encourage technical awareness by providing different services in the field of electronics, instrumentation and its related business aspects.

A data bank by surveying the opinion of general people from different sectors, searching from literatures and other sources to specify different needs/trends in these areas may be developed. Based on that suggestions to improve and to introduce new features in instruments, to develop manpower and to train students may be offered. Suggestions to policy makers of the governments, industries, organization and institutes may also be useful. Data may also be useful to those people who are issuing certificate to maintain and control the standard and quality of the instruments in the market and to make the product more productive and profitable.

More specifically their analysis may be beneficial in the following areas.

A) Training and teaching :
1. To provide training to various persons in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
2. To provide training to develop manpower with different technological skill.
3. To assist different schools, colleges and universities to develop their laboratory etc.
4. To help people to organize seminars, model presentation in this field/service of scientific instruments to assist students to develop scientific models for the exhibitions.

B) Development, marketing and business related aspects of instruments
1. To collect public opinion to assist the manufacturer of different instruments and gadgets. To add some new features to modify the existing instruments to make it more user friendly.
2. To design/fabricate/and market of some home built instruments.
3. To help others to develop small scale business in this field.
4. To assist the users to find the best product in the market to meet their demand.
5. Searching new areas where different instruments may be used.
6. Help to remove of junk instruments and use of old unused instruments.

C) Policy implementation, control and monitoring of instruments
7. To help different policy maker by providing data to fix up new policies in this field.
8. To assist the different testing, controlling authority like pollution control department to maintain the standard and issue the certificate for marketing the instruments.

D) Discussion of associated knowledge, its social and other aspects of instruments
1. We also try to arrange different lectures, write ups to grow the awareness of the common people in this field so that more people from different sectors may come to this field.
2. Instrumentation and technology play a major role in our every day life including our personal and social life. Its importance in social life and its economical aspects and again based on which other different issues like administrative, political and law-order, or even the national and international relation are connected should also be highlighted in our different write-ups to grow interest among the common people. Apart from all these it may be mentioned that instrumentation is one of the best technique to acquire knowledge about the nature which may be explored to improve our understanding, to protect us. Keeping it in mind sometimes, apart from these works we also help people to address different social problems of the society in general.

We are ready to explain further if needed. We can also make a try to help people who will take initiation to meet these demands.

Some of our specific design may be mentioned which may be used commercially. 1. Mobile charger where no source of electrical power is available.