Techniques used

I have used different techniques; some of which are mentioned here. I have tried to adopt some old techniques to recent one. I have tried to use mechanical parts whenever it is possible to replace the electronic counterparts. To work in the field of instrumentation, familiarity with different sensors and actuators available in market is very important since the market is changing very fast. Recently it is quite easy to import items. We have some knowledge on :

  • Analog signal processing hardware
  • Use of software to process the signal
  • Lithography and silk screen printing techniques to prepare PCB
  • Workshop techniques for cabinet design and mounting
  • Use of A/D card to interface analog signal to computer
  • DSP card for signal processing
  • Microprocessors for controlling of instruments
  • Use of assembly, c/c++ language for programming
  • Use of mathematical package for signal processing
  • Metal deposition techniques
  • Printing with conducting ink for circuit design
  • Uses of different software for circuit layout, designs, and optimisation
  • Networking and wireless techniques, wi-fi, bluetooth etc.
  • Uses of optical microscopes for small distance measurement
  • Different electrical and optical measurement instruments
  • Working experience of different modern instruments

Some techniques have been modified during my work. Apart from these, our knowledge of fabrication of organic solar cells and also the knowledge of theoretical work in Physics have helped me a lot.