My Views

This write up will be incomplete unless I express my views about my work.

From the beginning, like everybody I have been curious to know about this nature. I found Physics and its related experiments as one of the best tools to acquire knowledge to explore the mystery of this nature which will be helpful to understand the events happening around us and to guide us to play our role in a meaningful way to apply it in various fields without disturbing the balance of the nature, depending on individual’s potential, profession and necessity, starting from social problems to scientific world to help people to lead a better life of their choices. This motivated me to study this subject and also to work as a lecturer in Physics of the University. Though I believe science has also its limitation and along with science one should study other subjects to enrich oneself and to know what others are doing or at least to communicate with others. I believe that this creation is not blind or dull; each and every steps of our motion/events has its meaning and necessity to fulfill a greater purpose of a greater mind. Attempt to define the motion of life with any particular reference sometime may not bring the desire results.

With the above curiosity I had started my school life with some inclination in electronics and instrumentation as mentioned.

So far along with my research and teaching I have tried to work in this direction and also have a plan to continue in future. I hope one will appreciate our honest and little approach. I also believe our effort will be useful for our community as well as for our nature. It will be my pleasure if you enjoy any part of our work and extend your kind hand in course of time. Your suggestions or any other recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Before, I conclude, I would like to add one remark. Being associated in the University job it is not possible and also not required to carry out these works in a wider scale. I hope there are many persons who can get some ideas/clues from our write ups to initiate some programmes of their own. I have given sufficient strength on the different aspects of technical education, administration, management, business etc. though I believe that all these aspects will loose its importance unless we are able to make some products suitable for use in the market and this will only be possible, if we are being equipped with different technical skills irrespective of our educational qualifications. Frankly speaking without doing it, we have really not much scope to move further in coming days.