R & D Work

We are working in three major areas. Our approach in these areas are mentioned briefly in the following section.

a) Organic Solar Cell:

Aim: Recently work on organic solar cell is quite promising. We are working for last few years in this area. Our main aim is to develop a prototype organic solar cell design including its electrode materials. Instead of characterizing the devices we are interested to develop the prototype module which may be used commercially. For this purpose we are concentrating on the design of the electrode materials, proper encapsulation etc. use of our own technique for lithography, screen printing, metal plating and etching for the fabrication of the solar cell is quite encouraging. Our work so far is quite encouraging.

View of few measurement set up and laboratory

b) Low temperature Characterisation of opto-devices :

Aim: We have also done sufficient work on the low temperature characterization of some photodiode and light emitting diode (LED) at low temperature (down to liquid nitrogen temperature) which may be applied for defence application. There are many areas particularly in space and oceanographic research where the ambient temperature goes below the room temperature. For communication we need different opto-devices. Study on the performance of such devices are very effective and useful. We also investigate the low temperature charge transport property of these devices.

c) Instrumentation:

Aim: Our main aim is to design and develop some low cost indigenous instruments which can be used in academic and other commercial applications. We are trying to pay our attention in different aspects of the instrumentation including the electronic parts, mechanical assembling, testing, calibration etc.

Our Expertise:

a) Low level dc signal processing for temperature, light measurement and control system.
b) Instrumentation through interfacing with computer and use of software programme for signal processing.
c) Some robotic action to execute some automatic mechanical work in different areas of application.

Control of light intensity in a closed chamber
Spin Coating Design
Stepper motor controller

Different research projects from UGC, DST, DRDO, CSIR have been undertaken. He had also delivered invited talk in different national and international conferences. Several students have already completed their Ph.D. under his supervision and at present few others are also working.

Some of our works under this section are provided below. The remaining articles may be available from the journal or other sources.

Works are available in : http://www.jaduniv.edu.in/profile.php?uid=429